Why So Crazy About Pot?

Many people always come up and ask me why I’m so crazily involved in such a wacky and silly drug as marijuana.  First off, what they don’t seem to grasp is that weed is a powerful substance that can seriously help assist you with many medical problems such as chronic back pain and anxiety.  Not only that, but it can be used and food and fuel to boot so that’s an extra plus for this powerful substance.

And yet, we have these people in power in the white house and related government that have outlawed this substance as a schedule 1 narcotic, which means it is the worst type of substance and has no medical value.

Are you kidding?  No medical value?  This powerful herb has nothing but medical value.  And you’re going to sit there and try and tell me that it’s simply some silly drug that stoners smoke so they can sit on the couch, eat doritos, and watch horribly produced comedies???

Heck No!  Well stoners do actually use it for that.  But the point being, is that marijuana is a valuable medical treatment and you can’t simply look at it as some novelty item that offers no value to it’s users.

It offers massive value in the form of anxiety treatments, chronic back pain alleviation, food, clothing, paper, fuel…and the list goes on.


Would there be any other situation in which the outlawing of such a valuable and NECESSARY natural resource could exist, especially in such a stagnant economy as this?

Heck No!

Which is why we must stand up and fight for our god given rights to experiment with our own consciousness.

Stand up people, the time for being a timid bystander is over!

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