Legalize It!

Why are we still having to have this same old debate that is as old as the trees? Why are we dealing with this ridiculous state of affairs surrounding marijuana legislation in the most technologically advanced society on planet earth in 2014?

I’ll tell you why, because corrupt politicians back in the 20’s decided that they were going to run a smear campaign against marijuana because it was a great threat to their paper mill organizations.

Hemp was such a valuable resource and a threat to these paper companies, that they had to have it outlawed to significantly reduce it’s competition in the marketplace. With hemp illegal, these big business folks were able to easily dominate the market and rake in millions of dollars worth of revenue with their paper mills, having no competition from the hemp farmers.

In modern society, we are slowly finding out about the positive aspects of marijuana and it’s availability in medical form. We are so conditioned by the circumstances of the past and we must try to push through them if we are ever going to make some real progress as a nation.

Anyone with half a brain will tell you that marijuana and hemp have many significant, modern day applications within our current society, and we should take advantage of those many benefits at every given turn.

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