Marijuana and Hemp Crops

Attempting to communicate the wide range of benefits that medical marijuana consumers experience consistently is a constant challenge, especially when there is increasing resistance from prohibitionists who claim that there is no valuable use for this herb in our society. The complications with this paradigm are that it is a false perception that is based on misinformation that was spread in the 1920s from paper mill companies that launched smear campaigns against marijuana and hemp in order to devalue it in the public’s opinion. If prohibitionists really looked into the many benefits that exist surrounding this magical plant there is no possible way that they could retain these narrow minded points of view. Anyone who has looked into the positive qualities of any great natural resource such as hemp and marijuana will attest to the fact that this is a highly beneficial plant and we should be taking advantage of it in a major way within this society. Medical marijuana not only provides relief for many common illnesses to the common people, but hemp farming could greatly increase economic activity and relieve the stagnant economy that we are now wallowing in. If farmers are allowed subsidies that will allow them to grow this valuable substance on a regular basis then we may experience an economic boom within this society like never before.

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Farming hemp for medical use and profit as well as food and clothing should be the number one priority of any farmer that is currently operating within the US borders. This valuable cash crop can provide years of sustainability to our country if we would only take advantage of its many benefits that are laying right on the table in front of us. Farming hemp is made possible by using complex agriculture machinery which is similar to farming corn and allows the harvesters to process thousands of pounds in a single sweep. These complex pieces of farming machinery have streamlined the process of farming and made it possible to produce bundles of material on a large industrial scale. Industrial hemp farming used to be a huge business back when the founding fathers discovered this country, and we should seek to explore these benefits once again in our modern culture. If we can only throw off these old, outdated paradigms which label hemp and marijuana as a harmful substance, we could really begin to explore its many benefits as a valuable resource for our modern social structure. We must continue to spread positive information regarding hemp and marijuana farming to the general public via the Internet so that people can wake up to the facts and simply ignore the propaganda that is pushed upon them from the powers that be.

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