Why weed?

Many people may be asking the question “why are you so passionate about a drug”?…. And I always respond with “it’s not a drug, it’s a valuable medical treatment and a natural resource”.

You see, what people don’t seem to understand fully is that marijuana is an EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL plant that offers a wide range of uses, not just for smoking and getting a “buzz”.

You can use hemp for clothing, food, fuel, and more!

There is no limit to the valuable uses that this amazing material offers…and yet it is illegal!

This is an outrage and we must fight back against this at once or we are going to lose the fight for sovereignty over our own consciousnesses.

Please people, get it together!  Weed should be legal just like it is in Colorado and Washington.  They have started this ball rolling now it’s up to us to keep it going.

Live on my friendly Marijuana smokers!

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